Undershare (2017-)

A series of paintings of underwear juxtapozed with other elements to comment on the male privilege in society wether its around policy or social stigma.

Freedom Rider, big, oil on canvas

Space Cowboy, big, oil on canvas

Lucky Stars, 15"x25", oil on canvas

Less Lucky Stars, 15"x25", oil on canvas

Angry Stars, 15"x25", oil on canvas

Thigh in the Sky, 24"x24", oil on canvas

Loose Whities, 18"x18", oil on canvas

Lucky Stripes, 16"x20", oil on canvas

Undershare (2017-)

Beach Babes (2016-)

As(s) The World Turns (2016-)

Thirsty (2016-)

A Dream Come True (2015-)

I get it for the articles! (2016-)

New Wave (2015)

Self Portraits

Men Eating Pussy (2014)

Looking for Mr.Goodsex (2013-14)

Forbidden Fruit (2013)

Forbidden Fruit - Drawings (2013)

Toys (2012)

Toy Drawings (2012)

If These Genitals Could Talk (2012)

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