Thirsty (2016-)

These works combines paintings of models from vintage playgirls with wall-mounted bottle openers. Using naked studs to adorn a functional device while objectifying them further by placing the bottle openers over their genitals, the paintings mimic the typical decorative use of the female form, exercise the heterosexual female gaze, and ultimately reverse the role of the woman from object to consumer. The title of the series comes from the contemporary slang phrase often used to describe the eagerness of female desire, and together with the bottle opener’s function explores the changes in the way female sexuality is enacted and perceived - as louder and more aggressive than that of our mothers'. Selected spreads imply a literal and metaphorical "thirst", as well as represent some personal biases towards particular physical traits - boyish charm and moustaches.

Bill D, 11.5" x 16.5", Oil on Panel/Steel

Max, 10.5" x 15", Oil on Panel/Steel

Jeff, 11" x 15.5"Oil on Panel/Steel

Greg, 12" x 16.5", Oil on Panel/Steel

Rob, 9" x 13", Oil on Panel/Steel

Ryan, 12" x 16", Oil on Panel/Steel

Clifton, 8.5" x 13", Oil on Panel/Steel

Al, 10.5" x 14.5", Oil on Panel/Steel

Bill M, 9.5" x 11.5", Oil on Panel/Steel

Jim, 10.5" x 15", Oil on Panel/Steel

Brian, 8.5" x 12", Oil on Panel/Steel

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