Fresh Dick Direct (2019 - )

“Fresh Dick Direct” is a series of paintings that take place on a mythical dick farm and borders on advertisement. The paintings juxtapose rural farm imagery wtih illicit images of penises being groped, framing "fresh dick" as produce and an all-american commodity. This reduces men to their genitals, which are "grown" here for consumption. And are a part of a well-balanced diet! Through the titles, the series also references upper class food culture, which contributes to making health food a luxury that defines class. Using language particular to this class of food, the series mocks it while creating a “dick ideal” and opening men’s bodies up for discussion.

Fresh, Local, Sustainable., 30" x 30", oil on canvas

Raised Humanely, Picked Fresh Daily, Packaged and Delivered Same Day, 18" x 18", oil on canvas

Our Dicks Have Names!, 18" x 18", oil on canvas

All Natural, Free-roaming, non-GMO, 18" x 18", oil on canvas

Early Bird Gets the Worm!, 12" x 18", oil on canvas

Fresh Dick, 18" x 12", oil on canvas

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