A Dream Come True (Celebrity Cunnilingus) (2015-)

These paintings reflect on the lack of heterosexual female perspective in representation of sexuality in mainstream media and pornography, which reflect as well as shape the way we interact in real life. More literally, they depict male heart throbs eating pussy (taking it back, Trump!) from the women's point of view. Cunnilingus is censored in mainstream media, rated NC-17 in film, and is under-represented in pornography (compared to the slew of other 'categories'), which reiterates to the viewer that sex is about men and their pleasure. It's not! Aside from intent to saturate the market, the series is largely inspired by the lack of female-targeted pornography available on the internet or print. Don't ask me how I know. The title of each painting references the work of the male eating pussy, and gives the visual more narrative (we like a story!), while the point of view focuses on and eroticizes the male to better target its female audience.

Let's Go Crazy, 18" x 18", Oil on Panel

The Physical Impossibility of Getting Ahead in the Mind of Someone Other than a White Male, 18" x 18", Oil on Panel

Thanks Obama, 18" x 18", Oil on Panel

Is it too late now? , 18" x 18", Oil on Panel

Best I Ever Had, 18" x 18", Oil on Panel

Breakfast Hamm, 18" x 18", Oil on Panel

What's Gilbert Grape Eating?, 18" x 18", Oil on Panel

Bloodhound, 18" x 18", Oil on Panel

127 Hours, 18" x 18", Oil on Panel

Hey Girl, 18" x 18", Oil on Panel

Eat It Like Beckham, 18" x 18", Oil on Panel

Undershare (2017-)

Beach Babes (2016-)

As(s) The World Turns (2016-)

Thirsty (2016-)

A Dream Come True (2015-)

I get it for the articles! (2016-)

New Wave (2015)

Self Portraits

Men Eating Pussy (2014)

Looking for Mr.Goodsex (2013-14)

Forbidden Fruit (2013)

Forbidden Fruit - Drawings (2013)

Toys (2012)

Toy Drawings (2012)

If These Genitals Could Talk (2012)

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